Cocaine Addiction Treatment Erie

Cocaine addiction is a complex disease that has been a long standing plague on society.  The nuances of this addiction have for years eluded the development and approval of a medication to mitigate the cravings presented by this particular drug. The suffering caused by widespread abuse has spearheaded extensive research and the development of various […]

Addiction Treatment

An effective addiction treatment program provides physical, mental and spiritual care for people struggling with substance dependence. Many people who seek addiction treatment also suffer from legal, social, financial and emotional problems. Addiction treatment programs should offer continued and flexible care, aftercare, relapse prevention and multiple forms of therapy.  Benefits of Specific Programs Each type […]

Heroin Addiction

The cycle of heroin addiction is typical in most heroin users. Heroin is very addictive substance which makes quitting on your own almost impossible. This is the case of co-executive producer Harris Wittles who recently died of heroin overdose. Many others have walked down this path and being unable to overcome it. The best way […]