Relapse Prevention in Erie

What most people do not realize, is that relapse is a process that begins before a person actually resorts to returning to substance abuse. A simple thought can provoke a setback. Relapse prevention is designed to avoid this process before signs of recidivism even present themselves.

Relapse can be defined as a slide into the compulsive or unhealthy behavior patterns that, if left unchecked, result in the resumption of drug or alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, most patients experience setbacks after leaving a rehabilitation facility. Therefore, relapse prevention is key to a successful recovery. The expert staff at drug rehab centers understand that staying sober is never easy, but it is obtainable.

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Relapse prevention is a set of strategies designed to identify triggers that can cause the downward spiral into drug use. Drug and alcohol relapse prevention requires a cognitive or mindful approach to identify high-risk situations and individuals that serve as triggers to the use of mind altering substances. It is important that addicts learn to recognize these triggers so that they may avoid temptation before it presents itself.

What are the Stages?

There are three primary stages of relapse. These are emotional, mental and physical. By understanding these three stages, a person with a history of substance abuse is in the best position to take appropriate action to limit the potentially negative consequences associated with retuning to drug use.

During the stage of emotional relapse, a person is not thinking about using, but they experience emotions that indicate the onset of one. These can include anger, depression, anxiety or fear. In the mental relapse stage, a person starts thinking about using drugs or alcohol. Indeed, the individual ends up mentally battling ever-increasing urges to use. Finally, as the name indicates, physical relapse is the stage at which a person resumes use of drugs or alcohol.

How it can be Prevented

The key to preventing, or lessening the severity of a relapse, is the development of a comprehensive plan. In most cases, the plan includes ongoing therapy and involvement in support groups, such as staying engaged in the 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous (AA and NA).

A major element of any reputable inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment program is the development of prevention strategies and the creation of a meaningful plan. Substance abuse and addiction treatment specialists are directly involved in working with each patient to craft the most appropriate and comprehensive approach. As part of this process, our staff provides a patient with the resources necessary to avoid relapsing once released from treatment. It is important that this knowledge is provided to the patient before their time in rehabilitation has ended.

Erie Drug Rehab Centers can help you find the best facilities that offer relapse prevention and recovery maintenance programs for individuals, once they complete a course of treatment. Centers where knowledgeable counselors and therapists focus their practices on substance abuse and prevention.

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