Addiction Treatment

An effective addiction treatment program provides physical, mental and spiritual care for people struggling with substance dependence. Many people who seek addiction treatment also suffer from legal, social, financial and emotional problems. Addiction treatment programs should offer continued and flexible care, aftercare, relapse prevention and multiple forms of therapy.

Benefits of Specific Programs

Each type of addiction treatment program offers something different and aids an individual in accomplishing the goal of being drug-free.

Family therapy- This allows the addict and the addict's family to air grievances in a safe environment, while helping the addict see how his addiction affects loved ones.

Addressing addiction triggers - This treatment helps addicts understand what types of situations or patterns of thinking to avoid.

Mental illness - treating mental illness properly with medication and therapy reduces the need to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol

Skills development - this allows the addict to engage in productive and healthy behaviors within the community, fostering a sense of respect and accomplishment, ultimately reducing the desire to use drugs

Sober living - This type of program helps appreciate and understand the differences between living a drug-free lifestyle and one of addiction

Continued counseling- This helps addicts deal with feelings in a healthy way, rather than reverting to drug use.

AA or NA - a lifelong commitment to AA or NA helps the addict see that others have had success in the fight against addiction, while also providing an outlet for the addict when he faces addiction related challenges.

Centers with Prevention Programs

Drug treatment facilities with all-encompassing prevention programs allow individuals with addiction issues to be a part of their own care, which can be very empowering. By involving and educating the addict, he or she is better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead following recovery. A prevention program is vital to long-term success and statistically provide a lower chance of patients returning to drug use after treatment.

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