Entering a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program

Understanding the Benefits of a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program: The Decision to Seek Help

Making the decision to seek professional help can be overwhelming. Drug abusers put off entering treatment for many reasons: fear, denial, shame, and many more. For an addict to participate in a plan of treatment, the problem needs to be established. Whether through intervention, self-realization, or even a court ordered mandate, everyday drug abusers check into a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program that gives the tools necessary for a clean start. Many of Erie substance abuse facilities give you or your loved one the knowledge needed to make the positive changes necessary for a full recovery. Don't let the intimidation of drug treatment centers become an obstacle to your recovery.

The Process

Drug rehab centers in Erie recognize that not all addicts have the same needs. Addiction begins for many different reasons. Upon admission to a facility, the patient will undergo a mental and physical evaluation to form the proper plan of care for recovery. Recognizing dual-diagnosis in patients can be key to understanding the origin of addiction. Talking to a drug treatment specialist will allow the patient to become comfortable with the treatment plan and ease any anxiety about the detox process. The majority of Erie substance abuse facilities offer inpatient rehab services and outpatient treatment as well. The residency program is recommended for those struggling with severe addiction that requires the detoxification process. To ensure safety throughout detox, medical professionals supervise patients during this process. This also provides comfort to those going through withdrawal, since symptoms of nausea, vomiting, tremors, hallucinations, night sweats, and much more may occur during this time. Once the detox process is complete, the patient will partake in various forms of therapy leading up to outpatient rehabilitation. The inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation program usually lasts up to about two months, depending on the status of the patient.

Treatment program begins: education, therapy, and physical health

These Erie substance abuse facilities prepare patients to not only physically recover from substance abuse but mentally as well. Substance abuse doesn't only affect the body physically. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires psychological conditioning to treat and overcome. Because drug treatment counselors are aware that fighting addiction is a very involved process, various forms of therapy such as acupuncture therapy, equine therapy, pain management, yoga, and counseling are available at within a substance abuse rehabilitation program. Initially, the goal is to rid the body of chemical dependency, and then follow through with an individualized plan of care that will benefit the patient.

Staying Clean

Maintaining sobriety is a lifetime commitment, which is why a substance abuse rehabilitation program strives to provide the resources necessary for patients to stay on the right track. Entering back into the real world after treatment requires tremendous effort. To strengthen an addict's capability to stay sober, the available Erie substance abuse facilities encourage patients that have been discharged from residency programs to follow up with outpatient counseling sessions. Drug addiction recovery should remain a priority that the addict. Staying active in recovery by attending meetings, participating in consistent therapy, and establishing support groups is vital to the recovery process.

Don't let the fear of quitting overpower your life. There are many drug rehab centers in Erie that can help you get better and recover effectively. We can help you find the best one for your particular case, one that offers the substance abuse rehabilitation program that you need. Call us (877) 804-1531 today to find out more.





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